Harp for Sale: Ardival Kinnellan

July 2014:  My friend reports that this harp has been SOLD.

A friend of mine, Sam, is selling her Ardival Kinnellan clarsach.  While I have no economic interest in the sale, I firmly vouch for Sam as a trustworthy, reliable person.  Please contact her directly if you are interested.  Thanks, –Sue
For Sale: Ardival Kinnellan 30-string wire strung harpharp wholeArdival’s web site describes the Kinnellan as “a large renaissance wire-strung clarsach, based on the image in Praetorius’s Syntagma Musicum of 1619, labelled “Irish harp with brass strings”. It shows an undecorated large low-headed harp with brass cheek bands on a thick string arm, a huge soundbox with three pairs of sound holes and a reinforced pillar. The Kinnellan is made entirely of sycamore, likewise having brass cheek bands, a hollowed-out soundbox, an exterior integral string band, brass string shoes and a pillar reinforced with a T-section. The range of thirty strings is taken from the string scheme published by Edward Bunting in 1840, having just over four octaves running from bass C up to treble d”’. Six silver strings provide a rich bass, supporting the remaining brass strings. “ This instrument was purchased in 2007 new from Ardival and I am the sole owner and it is in excellent condition. It has come into a lovely bright voice and is a lovely harp to play. New the Ardival costs $4,322.54 plus international shippping (I also had to pay duty). The price for this Kinnellan in $3800 which includes a Cronkite case ($375+value), a full set of replacement strings and a small stool made to support the harp while playing. Shipping will be either Fed Ex or UPS and I will charge only the actual amount (estimate $35-40). The is also a matching music stand that is sold separately with a discount to the Ardival purchaser.


The stand was made by Mr. Sandman who specializes in stands and is quite delux–it has extra brass for adjustment knobs, a built in shelf to hold tuner, key, pencils etc. and a removeable larger shelf for sheet music and books not being used on the upper stand. Stand originally cost $550. Selling price is $425 or $375 to purchaser of the harp. Total package is worth over $5250. Were you to purchase the package-harp, case and stand–it will be $4175 plus shipping.

Contact  samtyler@comcast.net for photos and further information.  UPDATE:  SOLD

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