Cunningham harp for sale

For Sale:  33 string Cunningham Harp

(click on any photo to open a larger image)

I am posting this information on behalf of Kathleen Staub, a well-respected lever harp teacher and friend, who owns this instrument.  If you’re looking for a very affordable, high-headed modern brass-strung harp, take a look!

PLEASE NOTE:  kindly direct all inquiries to Kathleen at

About the instrument

  • Cunningham 33-string harp with brass strings and bridge pins (no blades)
  • lowest string is C, 2 octaves below middle C; highest string is a g, 2+ octaves above middle C
  • spruce soundboard and walnut body, with a base with four feet (stands freely)
  • laminated neck has a beautiful, burled walnut grain (see the photo)
  • in like-new condition
  • comes with spare brass strings, tuning key and tuning fork
  • includes an excellent assortment of books, including  A Gaelic Harper’s First Tunes, Coupled Hands for Harpers, and Legacy of the 1792 Belfast Harpers’ Festival by Ann Heymann, and From My Music Stand and Pathway by Cynthia Cathcart (see the photo for details)
  • reasonably wide string spacing means you can play with finger pads if you’re a lever harper and don’t want to grow your nails
  • cost $2900 new; for sale for $1900 plus shipping.  Seller will pay for insurance
  • for additional information, visit the Cunningham Harps website to see a photo of a similar instrument.  Here is a sound clip of a similar instrument from the craftsman’s website.
  • I have seen this harp in person, and took the photographs myself

Please note:  I have no financial interest in this sale.  Please contact Kathleen at with all questions.  Thank you for looking!


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