We raised $1374 at Harpers for Housing

OK, I know it isn’t a huge sum, but it is a good showing for a small, all-volunteer event.  At the beginning of our concert, the executive director of the Northwest Pilot Project, a local housing nonprofit, stood up and announced that the funds we’d raised the previous year helped three elders find permanent housing.  That felt rather good to know.

At the event, I managed to sit behind several other people onstage, and I had only one piece to play.  The best news for me was that this year the church seemed to have some heat, so my hands felt alive and ready to play.  Although I made a few mistakes, I managed to keep moving, and recovered from them gracefully, which is a skill I’m trying to cultivate.  To my delight, four people came over after the concert to ask about my harp, as well as to talk about their interest in piobaireachd.  That was gratifying.  My goal for this event was to give a little bit of positive exposure to this grand instrument, and in the process, I overcame a little bit of my stage fright.


2 Responses

  1. Star of the show and star of the
    County Downs: Sue Phillips!

  2. Oh, Dale, you’re a sweet one. Thank you so much for all the work that went into organizing H for H. Your playing was utterly elegant! Are we on for next year?

    With thanks,

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