Harpers for Housing Benefit Concert

A previous year's concert.

Every fall a group of harpers from the Portland area gathers to participate in a benefit concert.  In recent years the organization chosen as the recipient of funds raised is the local housing charity, the Northwest Pilot Project, which offers assistance to elders 55 and older who are in danger of homelessness.  This is an organization I feel delighted to support.

Here’s the news on this year’s event, coordinated by Kathleen Staub and Dale Rhodes:

Harpers for Housing
Sunday, December 5, 2010 @ 2pm
Lincoln Street Methodist Church, 5145 SE Lincoln St., Portland, OR.
Click HERE to see a map to the location.
Requested donation is $10, all of which goes to the NW Pilot Project.

Volunteers, largely lever harp players, will be performing.  I’m still choosing a piece or two to play, but had better decide soon.

Have a good evening.



4 Responses

  1. My daughter, Laurel (9) and I are beginning harpers and would like to attend the benefit, as well as find out about other harp events coming up. Look forward to meeting you. Sincerely, Cynthia

    • Hi, Cynthia and Laurel. Thanks for your note. Are you learning to play the lever harp, or early clarsach, with brass or bronze wire strings? I may be able to help connect you to a local teacher if you’re interested in lessons. Do stop by and say hello at the event! It’s a fun afternoon, and is a good way to get connected with other harpers in the area. –Sue

  2. Sue, I took lessons in 2004 from Kathleen Staub, and Laurel studies with Jenny Lindner. We play a 26-string Dusty Strings folk harp. Don’t know anything about the clarsach. I do know the pastors at Lincoln St. church, Tim and Elizabeth. Hope to make it to the event. Is there anything on this blog about you and your music? 🙂

    • Hi, Cynthia. Kathleen is a friend of mine, and was my first teacher before I moved away from playing the lever harp. Yes, I know I should include some video clips of my progress on this site, but I haven’t done so. Perhaps I’m a bit shy! If you’re curious about the differences between lever harp and early clarsach, here’s what I can tell you: My instrument is smaller than a standard lever harp. I play a student model of the Trinity College harp housed in the library of Trinity College, Dublin. It has 29 strings, and no sharping levers. The strings are made of brass, silver, and gold. I play it on the left shoulder, with fingernails instead of finger pads, and us na comhluighe tuning, which means that there are two adjacent G strings. The sound is much more sparkly and sustained than a lever harp, and consequently requires more management through damping. If you’re curious about the general differences, check out this page of Simon Chadwick’s Early Gaelic Harp Info: http://www.earlygaelicharp.info/tradition/modern.htm Thank you for posting, and I hope to see you in early December.

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