Lamont Replica & Student Trinity Harp On the Market


One of the last days of the season to play music on the porch.


Today we visited Sauvie’s Island early in the morning and harvested some pumpkins from a farmer’s field.  The days have grown sunny and chill, and tonight there is a risk of a first frost.  It’s almost too chilly to play harp on the porch anymore.

Now here is a rare event: David Kortier, a craftsman known for his elegant instruments and his specialization in historically-accurate Gaelic harps, is listing TWO instruments for resale.

He has a student Trinity made of willow and cherry for $1500 US dollars, and a replica Lamont with a walnut box and maple neck and pillar, and a handsome end cap (and strung with lots of gold) for $7000 US dollars. These instruments are made by special order, usually involving a long wait.

If you’re in the market for an affordable historical clarsach, are curious about the Lamont, or like me, love to see these handsome creatures, go take a look. There are plenty of photos.


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