Ardival Kilcoy is now SOLD!

Update:  Monday, August 9th:  Sam informs me that the harp is SOLD.  Thank you for your interest.

My colleague and friend in Portland, Sam, is selling her handsome and well-maintained Ardival Kilcoy harp for a VERY GOOD PRICE! She is including the Cronkhite case, which costs about $195 on its own, and the Kilcoy, purchased new, costs about $1600 or more. Essentially, you are getting $1800 worth of fine harp and a fine case for $1200, and it’s a deal.

Contact Sam at samtyler (at) comcast (dot) net. PLEASE NOTE the updated email address, as people were having trouble with the previous listed email. I have no economic interest in this sale, but know the seller, and have seen this instrument at her home. Sam is trustworthy and safe, and I know from my own experience owning a Kilcoy that they’re great little instruments for travel and everyday playing.



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