Harpers Meeting Monthly

Two of us have been meeting monthly since October, and we’ve spent the meetings playing music, sharing ideas, and lending CDs.  This month we worked on a piobaireachd we’d each been studying.  Sam and I have both commissioned a historical instrument through David Kortier in Duluth, Minnesota.  I have a Trinity in the works, which is a low-headed medieval instrument, and Sam has a Sirr, a high-headed 17th century instrument.  What makes this particularly fun is that I visited Ireland last summer and got to see both of the originals up close.

The Trinity and the Brigid, both by David Kortier.

Here’s a photo of Kortier’s new 26 string Brigid, with a willow soundbox and black walnut neck and pillar.  At this stage I’m tuning and playing, and then tuning some more.  Although the clarsach is designed to go up to g in the treble, I retuned it to add comhluighe, and that brought the top note down to f, which works for me.  Bass C is the lowest note.  Back to tuning!


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