A successful Gaelic harp weekend!

The fledgling wire-strung harp community in Portland enjoyed a weekend packed with activities.  Ann and Charlie Heymann from Minnesota kicked off the weekend on Friday, Oct. 9, 2009 with a concert at the Community Music Center.  They played Gaelic harp, crwth, bowed and strummed lyres, button accordion, and a Welsh telyn rawn (harp) strung with horsehair.  What a collection of sounds!

The whole weekend was filled with private lessons for harpers and workshops on technique, history and lore.  Both workshops were full, and there were a number of private lesson bookings.  I don’t know about you, but I had a fantastic time.

So, what’s next?  Let’s keep the enthusiasm flowing by gathering in November for a harper’s afternoon or evening event in SE Portland.  This is a chance to play tunes for one another in a supportive gathering, and a chance to talk, eat, laugh, and share ideas and information.

If you play the wire-strung harp and live in the Portland metro area, contact me to let me know you’re out there.

With good wishes,


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